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    • Some closets are better than others. That’s just the way it is. In addition to the many types of closet systems you find in your home – reach-in or walk-in, utility or oddly located – some of these are well-built and functional…others not so much. Do you have enough space? Are you looking for custom closets Destin, 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, Ft Walton, the surrounding areas, or Tallahassee? Call us. 

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    • If you want comfort, beauty, efficiency and function from your cabinets in Destin 30A, Santa Rosa Beach or the anywhere along the Emerald Coast, or Tallahassee. contact us. It’s hard to get much done at home if you don’t have the right cabinetry. Office home spaces don’t work with bad cabinets. Where to store work-related papers? Kitchens don’t work. There’s nowhere to put anything! The right cabinets are like ergonomic furniture, providing storage for all your needs and making your home lovely. The Destin Closet and Cabinet Center can assist you.

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    • custom closets in Destin

      Some closets are better than others. That’s just the way it is. In addition to the many types of closets you find in your home.

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    • kitchen cabinets Destin, 30A, Santa Rosa Beach

      When you think of cabinets and lovely cabinetry, what room do you think of first? Kitchens! Kitchen cabinets can be the center of the home in terms of storage and working spaces.

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    • If you want comfort, beauty, efficiency and function from your cabinets, contact us. It’s hard to get much done at home.

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    • Garages are the home for our vehicles and tools. Because our garages store such useful things, shouldn't they be treated to some nice storage space? 

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    • From workplace storage in the garage, to managing your clothes and shoes, to finding a home for the pots and pans; we are the experts of making your project dreams a reality. No job too big, and no cabinets too small, we will help you better manage your space to be able to fit more of your belongings. If you don't even know where to begin, we can help with room planning to ensure your custom cabinets are exactly what you could only dream of having. We work hard to make your cabinets fit your style and fit your stuff. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate, and see how we can change the way you store.

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    • I could not believe the professionalism and knowledge of my representative that came out to give a quote for my kitchen remodel. I was raised by a home builder and a realtor and have remodeled 3 homes in my lifetime, so I thought I knew my way around. He really new how to “Drain the swamp and look at the Alligators”, as I like to say. He lead me down the path to making the pertinent decisions quickly and decisively to arrive at what I needed and wanted to achieve. Really made what seem daunting turn into something enjoyable and exciting. So glad I came across this company. I highly recommend them and intend on using them in the future.

      Catherine M.

    • When Closets and Cabinets came to look at my garage, I thought there was no way that they could turn it into something of my dreams. But here I am, in a luxurious garage that I can actually park my car in, once again. I thought that through the chaos, I would never see what color the floor is. Now, I have a place for my tools, a place for my leftover materials; such as tile from when my wife and I re-tiled our kitchen floor, and a place for my hurricane shutters when it’s not storm season. And my beach stuff… I never thought I would get it off my floor, and have it done so affordably! I am so relieved to have my car in my garage again, and have another room to show off to my guests that I am beyond proud of!

      Jon S.

    • When the carpenter from Closets and Cabinets came to my house, he was on-time, if not a few minutes early. When he helped me plan my room, he was very thorough and extraordinarily knowledgeable about both stock and custom cabinets. He gave my wife and I a very detailed quote, and offered a wide range of options to make sure everything was just right. Being local was a plus. I’ll tell all of my friends and colleagues about the splendid work he did to make my home more organized, and more welcoming as well.

      Anthony M.